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Frequently Asked Questions
Why do we make aluminium trailers instead of steel or galvanised trailers?

We believe that when it comes to trailers, aluminium trailers are a far superior trailer over a steel or galvanised trailer. Aluminium does not rust like steel, meaning our trailers will last longer and look better. In addition as aluminium is 30% lighter than steel, it will mean you not only get better fuel efficiency but also the ease of towing and manoeuvring. You only have to look to both the European and American markets to see that Aluminium trailers are the way of the future.

Are our trailers made in Australia or imported?
All our trailers are made in Australia, by Australians for the Australian conditions, so unlike many of the cheaper lower quality imported trailers, our trailers are built to the highest standard and quality, meaning peace of mind and safety for you and your family when you are out on the road towing.
Do we keep stock?
Unfortunately we don't have the facilities & each trailer varies slightly according to our Customer's needs so our trailers are made to order. We have however began to set up a dealer network, which should enable you in the future to buy of the showroom floor.
Will my trailer be registered?
NSW Residents will pick up a fully registered trailer
What if I live interstate?
We are able to provide an 'Unregistered Vehicle Permit' for you to get your trailer home. Please check with your State Authority for their requirements
What colours are available for enclosed trailers?

Unfortunately the panel size required for the design of our trailers only comes in Glossy White. However, many of our customers prefer to then custom wrap their trailer with their own design after they take delivery.

How long will it take to get your trailer?
4-6 weeks from receipt of 50% Deposit, we are working hard at reducing this lead time
What about Custom Trailers?

Please send us the details & we can certainly discuss options with you

Latest News & Events  
Kayak Camper Trailer Kayak Camper Trailer - 30th Apr 2013
We have recently released a new trailer design called the Kayak Camper. It made it's first public appearence at the NSW Caravan, Camping, RV and Holiday Supershow in April.

Check out and read the review on this beauty!

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Jim's Mowing Trailer
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